Getting Started

Zysk is a HTML/CSS template based on Bootstrap 3 framework. It allows to built impressive, better & faster, mobile friendly websites.

HTML Structure

This is the base of each HTML file:

<!-- Body Wrapper -->
<div id="body-wrapper">

<!-- Header -->
<header id="header">
<!-- Header / End -->

<!-- Content -->
<div id="content">

	<!-- Section -->

<!-- Content / End -->

<!-- Footer -->
<footer id="footer">
<!-- Footer / End -->

<!-- Body Wrapper / End -->

Grid System

Zysk Template supporst all features of Bootstrap Grid System - go to Bootrstrap's page and check how does it work.

CSS Elements

Thanks to awesome CSS elements you will be able to prepare unusual websites in the fastest and the easiest way. Check them out!

Available Colors

Colour scheme:






Helper Classes

Text Colors

It is possible to add any color form Available Colors section by .text-[color-name] class

Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris nibh.
Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris nibh.


Similar to text colors it is possible to add backgorund color from Available Colors section by .bg-[color-name] class.

For dark background colors it is necessary to add dark class to adjust font colors and other styles. Sometimes, if inside dark element is placed element with light background you should add light class to such element.


Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris nibh.

<p class="bg-success dark p-20">Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris nibh.</p>

Free Space

It is possible to add free spaces to the site by using special classes base of this scheme: .[type][direction]-[value].

  • [type] - sets type of free space - m (margin), p (padding)
  • [direction] - sets direction of free space (optional) - t (top), r (right), b (bottom), l (left)
  • [value] - sets value of free space - 0, 5, 10 ... 200
Box with 60px vertical padding and 30px horizontal padding
<div class="bg-primary dark pt-60 pb-60 pl-30 pr-30">Box with 60px vertical padding and 30px horizontal padding</div>


It is possible to add border to any of html elements by adding proper class:

  • .border - adds border to element
  • .border-top - adds top border to element
  • .border-bottom - adds bottom border to element
Element with border-bottom and 20px bottom padding
<div class="pb-10 border-bottom">Element with border-bottom and 20px bottom padding</div>

Heights & vertical center position

The template allows to set minimial height of block html element. It is possible by using .h-[value] class.
[value] is a number from 100 to 900 with 100 gap or sm (40% of viewport), md (60% of viewport) and lg (80% of viewport).

By .fullheight class you set elements height equal to the browser viewport height.

Using .v-center class makes element positioned vertically center in relation to the parent.

Element in vertical center position inside 200px container with border.
<div class="h-200 border"><div class="p-20 v-center">Element in vertical center position inside 200px container with border.</div></div>

More useful helper classes are listed on Bootstrap's 3 website!


The template includes some configurable elements - here you will find informations how to use them!

Contact Form

To configure contact form please open contact-form.php file from /assets/php directory and go the line with an e-mail address to change it to your own - like this.

$emailTo = '';

After that you will recieve the messages from your websites to this e-mail address.

SentMail function must be enabled on your hositng. Otherway it is recommended to use plugin like PHPMailer.

SignUp Form

SignUp form is made with Mailchimp API.

How to create the form?

To create Sign Up form you have to have an account on Mailchimp site.
  1. Log into the Mailchimp site.
  2. Create subscribers list.
  3. Get into the list and go to "Signup forms" tab.
  4. Pick "Embedded forms".
  5. Pick "Classic version" and copy / paste somewhere generated code (don't change anything).
  6. Find form selector and copy action atribute valuse into your form. Remember to add method="POST" attribute.
  7. Modify action URI by changing .../post?... to .../post-json?.... It should look like this action="//"
  8. Find email input and copy type, name and id to your input - it should look like this: <input type="email" value="" name="EMAIL" class="form-control input-lg" id="mce-EMAIL">
  9. Find input which prevents bot signups and paste it somewhere in the form - it should be hidden!
  10. Add submit button and enjoy your working Sign Up form!

Cookies Popup

To turn on the Cookies Popup add data-cookies-popup="true" attribute to html selector.

To edit a content of this messsage please go to assets/api/cookies-popup.html and edit modal content.

<!-- Modal / Cookies -->
<div class="modal modal-bottom fade" id="modalCookies" role="dialog" data-backdrop="false">
    <div class="modal-dialog" role="document">
        <div class="modal-content">
            <div class="modal-body text-center"><span class="icon icon-xs icon-primary"><i class="ti-receipt"></i></span>This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. <a href="#" data-dismiss="modal" class="btn btn-primary btn-filled btn-xs ml-10">OK, I get it!</a></div>
            <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal" aria-label="Close"><i class="ti-close"></i></button>

PayPal Buttton

To create PayPal account it is necessary to have an account in PayPal service.

  1. Log into the PayPal site.
  2. Go to the "Tools" and pick "PayPal Buttons" and create one according to your requirements.
  3. View code of created button and copy it to your HTML page.
  4. At the end of the form selector add basic Bootstrap button type="submit" attribute.
This is a result:
<form action="" method="post" target="_top" class="paypal-donate">
	<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
	<input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="...">
	<input type="image" src="" name="submit" alt="PayPal – Płać wygodnie i bezpiecznie">
	<img alt="" src="" width="1" height="1">
	<button type="submit" class="btn btn-white btn-filled btn-block">Donate Us!</button>

Local Scroll

To turn on local scroll for main navigation at Header please add .one-page class to body selector. If you want to use local scroll somewhere in the content please add data-local-scroll attribute in the parent selecotr of a link to local selector.

Instagram Feed

To use Instagram feed you need to get into an API and create clientID. Here is an example instruction how to do it.

By default Instagram feed gets random photos. To turn it of please fill an instagram feed configuration with yours data and uncomment this line //get: 'user',


The template allows to add really cool animations for each of html elements. Let's check how to use it!

Entrance animation

This animation fires when element appears in the browser viewport. To add such animation you need to place .animated class in the animted element and preciese which animation do you want to use by data-animationattribute. It is also possible to add some delay to the animation (in ms) by data-animation-delay attribute.


Files & Credits

CSS Files

The template uses mainly 3 CSS files:

  • styles.css - compressed file with all necessary plugins, fonts and animations styles (more at credicts)
  • themes/theme-[type].css - main template file with couple of types:
    • accountantancy
    • advisior
    • classic
    • credit
    • insurance
    • investments
    • stock
The main template file - was divided into some important sections:
1. Document Setup
2. Basic
3. Header 
-- 3.1 Header Vertical
-- 3.2 Header Vertical RTL
-- 3.3 Header Horizontal
-- 3.4 Header Horizontal RTL
4. Content 
-- 4.1 Blog
-- 4.2 Features
-- 4.3 Media
-- 4.4 Other 
-- 4.5 Sections
-- 4.6 Timeline
5. Elements 
-- 5.1 Accordion
-- 5.2 Ajax Modal
-- 5.3 Buttons
-- 5.4 Backgrounds
-- 5.5 Breadcrumbs
-- 5.6 Contact Popup
-- 5.7 Carousel
-- 5.8 Forms 
-- 5.9 Icons
-- 5.10 Images 
-- 5.11 Labels / Badges
-- 5.12 Loader
-- 5.13 Modals
-- 5.14 Navigations
-- 5.15 Other
-- 5.16 Pagination
-- 5.17 Price Tables
-- 5.18 Progress Bars
-- 5.19 Typography
6. Widgets 
7. Animations 

Documentation uses one addiotional prettify.css stylesheet for code highlighter.

SASS Files

CSS files are generated thanks to well organized SCSS files.

├── _animations.scss
├── _base.scss
├── _basics.scss
├── _config.scss
├── _content
│   ├── _blog.scss
│   ├── _careers.scss
│   ├── _counters.scss
│   ├── _events.scss
│   ├── _features.scss
│   ├── _layout.scss
│   ├── _media.scss
│   ├── _members.scss
│   ├── _other.scss
│   ├── _page-title.scss
│   ├── _price-tables.scss
│   └── _sections.scss
├── _content.scss
├── _elements
│   ├── _accordion.scss
│   ├── _alerts.scss
│   ├── _backgrounds.scss
│   ├── _buttons.scss
│   ├── _carousel.scss
│   ├── _forms.scss
│   ├── _icons.scss
│   ├── _images.scss
│   ├── _labels-badges.scss
│   ├── _lightbox.scss
│   ├── _loader.scss
│   ├── _modals.scss
│   ├── _navs.scss
│   ├── _notification-bar.scss
│   ├── _pagination.scss
│   ├── _price-tables.scss
│   ├── _process-steps.scss
│   ├── _progress-bars.scss
│   ├── _search-popup.scss
│   ├── _side-panel.scss
│   ├── _slider.scss
│   ├── _testimonials.scss
│   └── _typography.scss
├── _elements.scss
├── _footer.scss
├── _header
│   ├── _navigation-bar.scss
│   ├── _navigation-mobile.scss
│   ├── _navigation-primary.scss
│   └── _top-bar.scss
├── _header.scss
├── _mixins.scss
├── _setup.scss
├── _widgets.scss
├── theme-accountancy.scss
├── theme-advisior.scss
├── theme-classic.scss
├── theme-credit.scss
├── theme-insurance.scss
├── theme-investments.scss
└── theme-stock.scss
  • theme-[type].scss is a main SCSS file where main colors have been set.
  • _base.css file is a base for each theme which imports other partials.
  • _config.css file with SASS variables which configure colors, fonts and more.
Compass Mode is necessary to complie the SASS files.

JavaScript Files

On the end of the body of each html file there are placed 4 JavaScrpt files:

  • jquery-1.12.3.min.js - compressed file with necessary plugins, fonts and animations styles (more at credicts)
  • plugins.js - compressed file with all necessary plugins sources (more at credicts)
  • core.js - main JavaScript file
  • Google Map API

Documetation uses one addiotional prettify.js plugin for code highlighter.

PHP Files

The template includes few PHP scripts:

  • /php/contact-form.php - configuration file for contact form
  • /api/twitter/config.php - configuration file for Twitter feed



  1. Poppins -
  2. Lora -
  3. Font Awesome -
  4. Themify Icons -
  5. Stroke 7 -


  1. jQuery -
  2. Bootstrap 3 -


  1. Appear -
  2. Easing -
  3. LocalScroll -
  4. ScrollTo -
  5. Waypoint -
  6. Masonry -
  7. ImagesLoaded -
  8. OwlCarousel -
  9. Isotope -
  10. Validate -
  11. Twettie -
  12. Typed -
  13. jquery.mb.YTPlayer -
  14. Instafeed -
  15. jQuery UI -
  16. Countdown -
  17. Prettify -


Some of images cannot be included in download package, and have been blurred for licensing reasons.

Included images:


  1. Animate.css -


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